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Soul Gateways

'One Woman's Heartfelt Journey Into Sacred Light'

NEW in May, 2017

At the heart of the matter, there are seven gateways to the soul.  This book shares insights from my personal journey into sacred light.  The content is a compilation of channeled, themes of thoughts/ topics, as provided from Spirit over a span of seven years.  What is the process to follow?  The choice belongs entirely to you, so carefully listen to that intuitive voice found deep within. 

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.”  (~ Old Chinese Proverb)


This is Sherilyn Alexander’s journey in Truth, of spiritual growth, and the healing made possible only by learning how to regain harmony … the balance across all levels of the body through Principles based in faith, and the practices of Taoist Alchemy:  Physical  ~ Entergy ~ Spirit integration and finding Heaven Within.


Under the premise that the author’s story will be helpful to others who are searching on the spiritual path, as represented by the lessons in Truth learned from the master teachers; Sherilyn Alexander’s journey is shared with readers in the companion books, and the accompanying story for children (ages 7-11).


As in the Old Chinese Proverb, please compliment your “garden” by adding these books to your collection.  Hope you enjoy the journey, and with blessings for All!


NOW AVAILABLE Worldwide Distribution (soft cover and e-Book)