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Qigong Training


This training is based upon ancient, traditional healing (non-combative) Chinese medicine practices.   Qigong assists in strengthening internal organs and the immune system:

  • The Five Treasures Qigong practice itself is a non-denominational form of sacred healing movements.
  • The 60-movement, Yang-form practice is rejuvenating and renewing, as it evokes states of internal stillness, centering, balance and feeling of well-being.  .

Classes feature the following elements:

  • warm-up,
  • gentle movements of energy circulation/gathering/releasing,
  • deep breathing,
  • healing sounds,
  • heart opening meditation techniques, 
  • closing exercises to promote the circulation of blood and Qi (vital energy) within the body. 

The more you practice the greater the benefit!

Chicago Metro Area (E-mail for information.)

  • Time:  9-10 a.m. (CST)
  • Date:  Every other Sunday..  
  • Fees: The $20 fee is per person / per one hour class duration.

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