Sherilyn Alexander's HOPE BLOOMS

A journey to find and make our unique contribution in this world by creating a life that is a masterpiece!


Interactive Holistic Programs


Program 1. Create a Life that is Your Masterpiece . Author's interactive program and book lecture, as based on her companion books: "The Gift of a Rose" and "The Gift of Spiritual Wisdom, and Soul Gatelways"

Sherilyn Alexander MS OMC shares her more than 25-year journey of healing and spiritual growth, as based on the Taoist Alchemy lessons received from master teachers. 

  •  Learn how to develop conscious knowledge, how to appreciate all of your gifts, and then find a more vital perspective.  
  •  See what you can become with a little work ("change") to create a life that is your masterpiece through physical, energy, spirit integration and finding heaven within.

Program 2. The Art of Meditation .   During this interactive program experience simple, yet powerful, techniques that support our inner sense of physical, energy, spirit integration.

Walk through the ages and see why this knowledge is valuable and how a regular meditation practice will enhance the quality of our daily lives. Gain an understanding of several meditation forms: Moving Meditation, Sitting in the Silence & Healing Meditation.

Whether a beginner looking for step-by-step guidelines or an advanced practitioner checking in on progress, you will enjoy this meditation training and appreciate the growth and healing benefits it can provide to you through a joyful infusion of Energy ~ Intuition ~ Wisdom ~ Action!

Program 3. Wisdoms of Yoga ~ Tai Chi ~ Qigong .   Learn how the non-combative “soft” healing art techniques created from an ancient form of traditional Chinese medical practice aims to address the body and mind as an interconnected system during this interactive program.

Gain an understanding of the traditional beliefs and health benefits accomplished through harmonizing principles and a flowing process of Movement ~ Stances ~ Positions.


  • ** Kindly reply using 'Contact Us' to request information about booking any of these interactive programs. ** Merci'

  • Note: List price is for each program, a 1-hour, 30-minute interactive lecture, $100 booking fee to host, additional registration fee of $45 per person, with minimum 3-seats to begin the program.


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