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Light ~ Spirit ~ Body

Posted on May 13, 2017 at 4:30 AM

PRINCIPLE, PRACTICE & LIVING: ‘Thoughts on how to live’

Sherilyn’s Quarterly Reflection (Summer 2016): Light ~ Spirit ~ Body.

There is nothing on a separate track! One and All are interwoven, in the manner of a spider’s web – the sacred geometric shapes, as prisms to the Chakra system to the energies of World Mother elemental life – fire, air, water, and earth. Spiritually speaking, the human experience necessitates a clearing of the energy flows first; before the full activation of sacred Light has the ability to radiate from the soul-level outward, in accordance with a soul’s Life Plan.

The quality and speed of this Light current within the body, it is determined by the brain wave pattern, with Theta wave considered to be the entrance into mastery and ascension. There is free will involvement, with a choice required: To grow into a responsible and enlightened Spiritual adult.

One does not grow alone, as stated in the Golden Ratio “the same pattern of creation within is found all around us. We are all connected within the web of Creative Oneness.”

CHINESE TEA CULTURE. Practice makes perfect in all things!

In the spirit of harmony and the mysterious unity of the universe: The drinking tea is considered to be a better way to appreciate life. Tea is a pillar of life itself. In ancient times it was used for healing, as medicine. Tea reflects the Asian traditional culture, combining tea with Tao (Dao) wisdom.

Tea is considered to have 10 virtues: Melting away depression, dissolving lethargy, encouraging liveliness, breaking up illness, bringing virtue and courtesy, expressing respect, making a distinction between different tastes, nurturing the body, practicing Tao (Dao), and improving one’s aspirations to grow into spiritual maturity.

“Tea brings Dao and elegance.”

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