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Express aesthetic vision in everything

Posted on May 13, 2017 at 4:25 AM

PRINCIPLE, PRACTICE & LIVING: ‘Thoughts on how to live’

Sherilyn’s Quarterly Reflection (Spring 2016): Express aesthetic vision in everything.

There are alternative pathways for expressing gentle love. Doorways can be opened into other realms of understanding the mysteries of heaven and beauty of nature. The key to keeping the doors open; it is best described in the poem: “The Three Doors.”

To paraphrase - There is said to be three doors to the kingdom of heaven: To know-to work-to pray. Those who wait at the outer gate; may enter by either way: Deep study and prayer/meditation or throwing oneself into definite activity for Him.

It has been said that perfect love is the path to holiness. Filled with the wonder and beauty of God’s plan, one must initiate an orderly design and arranged service for living through a combination of will, wisdom, and activity.

DECREES. Practice makes perfect in all things!


 I AM unconditioned, formless, and eternal consciousness.

 I AM always open to inspiration and guidance coming from the Silence within.

 I AM still, alert, and open to what is. This Awareness guides me in everything I do.


 I AM open to the wisdom of the Universe as it guides me in everything I do.

 I embrace Silence as the source of all deep understanding and wisdom


 I AM centered and calm, knowing there is a Presence within me, always guiding me to right action.

 I AM committed to living deeply and the transformation of my consciousness.

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