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  Talking Circles: 'As long as there is Earth and Water there will be stories. For this is where the Ancestors came from a place where our stories began ~ woven with time. As long as there is Air there will be stories. For the Air gives breathe to the Storyteller who gives life to these stories ~ to be told through time. As long as there is Fire there will be stories. For the Fire will bring the people together; it will dance these stories ~ keeping them alive with the passing of time. These are the four Sacred Elements - gifts from the Creator. They weave us into the tapestry of the Universe.' (~ Muin'iskw)

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Hope and Abundance

Posted on May 13, 2017 at 4:20 AM

PRINCIPLE, PRACTICE & LIVING: ‘Thoughts on how to live’

Sherilyn’s Quarterly Reflection (Summer 2015): Hope and Abundance

It is never too late. The messages of hope are written for everyone no matter the situation or personal condition. When hope is rekindled, dreams can and do come true! Step forward in faith and take ownership of your wisdom and maturity, as the understanding of life is a birth right, as a spiritual being having a human experience. What are you going to do … not based from habit or your history … but rather now … in the present moment?

“Keying in” is about keeping a successful frame of mind. If your mind, heart and soul are clear, hopeful and happy; the multiplier of the Law of Attraction responds in kind and manifests abundance. Plenty is limitless energy: God has never placed a limit on you or anyone else. It is wise to concentrate during meditation on this one great fact, until its expansiveness is inwardly felt and glow outwardly reflected. Going forward, this absolute truth is basis for every thought and action.

Patience is part of spiritual training. There may be old patterns and habits to gently release, as these no longer serve you. Remember: Enduring supply is the spiritual law and God meant for us to be partners.

Affirmations. Practice makes perfect in all things!

From a place of deep peace, joy, gratitude and love … feel the feelings, as you affirm:

 “I open the flow of abundance in all areas of my life.”

 “I allow the universe to bless me with great abundance now.”

 “Perfect abundance is my chosen reality.”

 “Abundance is my divine birthright.”

Faith and Growth

Posted on May 13, 2017 at 4:15 AM

PRINCIPLE, PRACTICE & LIVING: ‘Thoughts on how to live’

Sherilyn’s Quarterly Reflection (Spring 2015): FAITH and GROWTH

Let’s explore the fundamental spiritual principle of limitless, inexhaustible and free-flowing supply of blessings. (Source: New Psychology)

“Faith is the actual substance of anything hoped for, the evidence of anything unseen.”

The reason faith maybe lacking is due to incorrect understanding of the Universal Principle that everything works in exact accord with spiritual laws. It has been often said that health, success and happiness are of a person’s own making, and this is true. If the current condition is unpleasant; visualize the better state of being to invoke the change.

Whatever is asked for; it must be built within based on faith, hope and courage and then held as absolute Truth, no matter the external conditions, so with wisdom never judge by appearances. What is non-negotiable? This Law of Faith is universal, and it must be put to work for the good of all concerned.

Anything is possible – believe that you already have it! The Law of Growth brings wishes into being in the same way as garden seeds reach maturity. Sow and grow these seeds with consciousness, and its cultivation tool is unwavering Faith.

Recapture the Joy and Faith of Childhood: “Tradition whispers that in the sky is a bird as blue as the sky itself, which brings to its finders happiness. But everyone cannot see it, for mortal eyes are prone to be blinded by the glitter of wealth, fame and position, and deceived by the mocking Will-o-Wisp of empty honors. But for the fortunate ones who seek with open eyes and hearts, with the artlessness, simplicity, and faith which are richest in childhood, there is an undying promise; and to them the Blue Bird lives and carols, a rejoicing symbol of Happiness and Contentment unto the end.”

Affirmations. Practice makes perfect in all things!

 “My faith and happiness draw an overwhelming amount of blessings into my Life.”

 “Let my faith increase.”

 “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.”

 “I am responsible for my own spiritual growth.”

Winter Holidays

Posted on May 13, 2017 at 4:15 AM

PRINCIPLE, PRACTICE & LIVING: ‘Thoughts on how to live’

Sherilyn’s Quarterly Reflection (Winter 2014): WINTER HOLIDAYS

“The real celebration of Christmas is this realization of Christ Consciousness. With a thankful heart and mind, the greatest gift is to experience within (Spiritual meditation expand your awareness Wholeness) the “birth” of the universal Christ: “When you can close your eyes and by until you feel the whole universe within your body. Christ will have been born within you.” (~Paramahansa Yogananda)

No matter the religious beliefs, when holidays are balanced between time for social Christmas observing the festivities of the sacred season with relatives and friends, and time for spiritual Christmas spent in deep meditation; its custom leads to a spiritual rebirth/celebration of soul-qualities (such as; brotherly love, humbleness, and faith) born in the cradle of the Divine Child as everlasting Christmas.

Affirmations. Practice makes perfect in all things!

“Welcome the New Year with optimism. Bless one and all. Share only kind thoughts and helpful actions.” (~CSA)

 “I joyously welcome the New Year with its many opportunities for learning and creative living.”

 “I am always joyously, inwardly peaceful.”

 “Everything in my life is now, and will always be, in divine order.”

“For My words are spirit and truth and life, they shall not return to me void, but shall accomplish that whereunto they are sent.”

The Universal Mind is life, health, youth, beauty, happiness, abundance in abstract perfection. (~New Psychology)