Sherilyn Alexander's HOPE BLOOMS

A journey to find and make our unique contribution in this world by creating a life that is a masterpiece!

  Welcome to HOPE BLOOMS ~ "A tranquil and ethereal place to visit, where Roses bloom even in the snow and Angels always dance about overhead … From the beginning, a Living Practice; it is all so special to me!"  ~Sherilyn Alexander MS,,  OMC, Founder & Principal. 

         'Where flowers bloom, so does hope!'

 About Us ~ Sherilyn Alexander's HOPE BLOOMS was established in 2005 tucked under an umbrella principle that our life purpose is to be of service to one another, while on a unique journey of living as it was intended ~ with a vision that Truth emerges when form reflects eternity in a radiant beauty emanating directly from the soul: There is this beauty in every person because what is unchanging in the Universe is reflected there!

Each one of us carries on peacefully with our work by practicing ?the duty of the present moment,? as we creatively paint the spectacular masterpiece of our soul?s story, established on the lessons we learn/remember, each one from the other, to beneficially influence planetary consciousness ~ Oneness of All.